What Every Loan Officer Wished Their Home Buyers Knew

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Here are seven things I wish I had known before becoming a first-time home buyer. 1. Shopping around for a mortgage. But you know what? Good real estate agents want you to feel equipped and.

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) — Mortgage industry insiders know what it takes to qualify for a decent mortgage, and they wish potential homebuyers knew too. What stands between them getting a good home loan.

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Other Ways To Make Money In Real Estate - Becoming A Loan Officer Summing Up The First Time Home Buyer Loan Process As you can see, there are quite a few details covered in the whole process of buying a home. However, if you can get your finances organized, promptly respond to requests from your loan officer, and have realistic expectations then you should experience a rather smooth process for buying a home.

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3 MAJOR Truths Your Loan Officer Wishes You Knew.. we’re not loan officers, so we can share their concerns without mentioning names or getting anyone in trouble. So, in the interest of helping you close your loan on any home you might purchase, here are three things your loan officer would.

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The mortgage process can be the most overwhelming part of buying a home! However, when you’re prepared with the questions listed above, you show that you mean business. The questions people forget to ask their loan officer not only ensure the best principal and interest, but they guarantee you are unexpectedly fined or penalized down the road.

TWELVE Ten Things a Loan Officer Must Master . The purpose is to know what it will take for a Loan Officer to become an expert and differentiate themselves from the competition. 1. Learn the real estate process. I know of Loan Officers who say they don’t like working with Real Estate Agents and still others who have never bought a home.

How To Become A Successful Mortgage Loan Officer And Making Contacts With Real Estate Professionals. Every time you represent a home buyer as a mortgage loan originator, you will meet not just the home buyer (mortgage loan borrower) but you will have contact with the home buyer’s realtor as well as your home buyer’s real estate attorney.