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PUD Project Definition. A PUD is a project or subdivision that consists of common property and improvements that are owned and maintained by an HOA for the benefit and use of the individual PUD units. For a project to qualify as a PUD for the purposes of this policy, all of the following requirements must be met: each.

Not only will you be forced to obtain a Condo Unit Owners Policy by your mortgage lender, but it is important to obtain this coverage to fill in the gaps the Master HOA Policy leaves you exposed to. Some simple tips for condo owners:

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A PUD, is a "Planned Unit Development". But the key ingredient is that in a PUD the homeowner owns their own home and the land beneath it. A condo, on the other hand, (short for condominium) may look the same as a PUD, but the homeowner only owns the interior walls and the interior airspace of the home.

The differences in ownership do not preclude a bank from repossessing either a co-op or condo in the event a buyer is unable to pay back the mortgage.But unlike co-ops, HUD-approved condos can be financed through FHA mortgages while only certain banks participate in co-op lending and only after it’s determined that the co-op is a qualified building on the bank’s approved list.

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 · For rental, you can rent both HDB and condo. Hence, there will be a price difference between the two. Feel free to contact me via email or phone if you need to look for a place.

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One such property type that many people are unfamiliar with is a planned unit development (PUD). If you were driving around in your car looking at houses, you would almost definitely not be able to distinguish a regular single-family home from a PUD.

I know this has been beaten to death, but there seems to be no concensus, I done a report on a condo form, and now the lender wants me to confirm that it is not a PUD and if it is change to the 1004, Is there a sure fire way of telling that the proprty is either a PUD or Condo.

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