If you're looking for someone on Facebook, especially someone with a common name, it's sometimes helpful to filter based on where the.

You might want to think twice about posting that picture of you leaving a nightclub looking bug-eyed in the company of a woman of ill repute to your Facebook.

 · But know that you’re certainly not obligated to tell your employer that you’re job hunting, although there can be personal exceptions. (For example, if you have a close, trusting relationship with.

Facebook can be a great tool for networking and finding openings during your job search. Since you share personal information on Facebook, it’s important to know about best practices and tools you can use to make sure your profile is suitable for potential employers.

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Tread with care. you’re job hunting, but should you tell your boss? For some people telling the boss is absolutely the right thing to do, for others, being open is the very last thing they should do. It will depend on your relationship with your employer and the organisation.

The only problem is, when you add your employer, Facebook automatically creates a Community Page if it can’t find an official page (which most of call a Fan Page or Business Page). So, you have to teach Facebook how to find – and link to – your Official Facebook Business Page.

FOX 10 News.  Can employers check your Facebook page? Are you aware of all the ways your employer may be watching what you do? | Source: Thinkstock. Using company resources to update your Facebook. If a company thinks that you’re searching.

Anyone can find your Facebook profile if he or she has your mobile phone number unless you change the privacy setting on mobile users to.

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A: Yes, an employer can end a pension. It’s important that you read the annual pension funding notice you receive as a plan participant. If you cannot find your notice, you can search for the.

How can I lodge a complaint against my employer? Can my employer terminate my employment contract for filing a complaint? A:.