Brace for a Wave of Foreclosures, the Dam is About to Break

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LEXINGTON, Mo. — The oldest water plant west of the Mississippi is in trouble. The town of Lexington is taking the rising river into its own hands. The city is in a state of emergency. Wednesday,

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The flood waters are exiting the flat, inland eastern North Carolina terrain slowly and will bring a wave down the Cape Fear over the next few days, Pfaff said in a phone interview with The News &.

Brace for a New Wave of Foreclosures, the Dam is About to Break August 18, 2009 August 18, 2009 by Infinite A summary of Second Quarter 2009 Negative Equity Data from First American CoreLogic shows that Nearly One-Third Of All Mortgages Are Underwater .

Most of the homes in an adjoining neighborhood went into foreclosure. wave of crime and gang-related activity. As a result, the value of the Bells’ house suffered a hit as well. They are hoping.

Is the foreclosure dam ready to break? Maybe its wishing thinking, maybe I’m just bored as I twiddle my thumbs through one rehab at a time – but I oh, how I dream of riding that next sudsy wave. Frank and Brian over at are all over this story in a wildly entertaining way that only they can report.

“There are national factors at play, statewide factors at play that have an impact. And a wave election is completely indifferent to the quality of the candidate.” Aided by the surprising strength of.

“No questions,” he said, and then he told employees they would have an hour-long break in the cafeteria to process the. Fast-food consumption was beginning to tick up. Poverty was up. Foreclosures.